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Victor Popov 
Head of Business Development Asia Pacific
Ph: 1800 465 375
Mobile: +61 455 901 913


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Ocean Road Article on GoldSky Asset Management.

An Enlightening article on Goldsky Asset management by Ocean Road Magazine

Goldsky was fortunate enough to welcome Brain Usher, Editor in Chief & Photographer of Ocean Road Magazine to our Brand Launch At estate by fins. From this, he developed enthusiasm in Goldsky and a heightened interest in what we do. Brain proceeded to produce an article on the finer workings of Goldsky Asset Management.

Here is the Link to the complete article produced by Ocean-road Ocean Road Magazine Spring 2017 Edition





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Australia’s All-Weather Banks

  • Oct 13 2017
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Goldsky Ambassador Joel Parkinson Quiksilver Pro France

Ocean Road Article on GoldSky Asset Management.

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